Monday, June 29, 2009

looking good,,

it seems yesterday i've decided to do a haircut. my mum was sayin tat my old hair looks a lil bit u know wat im tryin to tell here??if not,, juz ignore it.

after havin my lunch, i tell cik zah tat i wanna go out for a while to have my haircut as she told me to do so..

-out from home,,havin my exercise as usual which is walkin to find the saloon nearby and STOP bcoz i already infront of it..(p.s : i will get my license car next year after im graduating from college,for the time being i must b patience)

-i choose to make the cut at the 'star one' saloon,i've never been there before.this is my 1st time and i rilly nervous bout it..

-already inside the saloon, give the pic of what kinda hair of im gonna do and '''tadaaaaaaaaa'', she already cut my hair..

- after 3 hours sittin,, im havin a cramp at my _ _ _ _...hoho.da sengal-sengal nih!

-ok,its done after she blow my hair,put conditioner on top of it and finished..
for the cut, treatment and did a perming to my hair,,she is charging me rm98..
quite a reasonable price for me as looked what she had done 2 my hair..
so, here i am with the new hairstyle..~~chewaahhh..

ewan n ameen is kutuk-ing my new what,,i don't care,,its my hair not yours!!

i will update my blog for other story later..

(p.s : doesn't have any pic of my new hair here!! wearing tudung,,lol)

lol =))

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  1. hehe..teruje mao tgk rmbut bru kim..
    ermm price pon ok...
    sgt ok tok sume cut+treatmnt+perm..
    new sem n new hair..

    same as me...lalala..
    sem br new hair...