Sunday, June 14, 2009


i've attending two wedding today,
1st:my neighbour son(which is her son is a doctor and some more he is handsome too..)
2nd:my relatives wedding at cheras.
3rd:go to my aunt house to see some videos that have been taken during our trip and also other videos which is not important if i tell it here..not the xxx video ok!!

i already have my hols for almost 1 month, what have i done in this miserable weeks??
-doin my house works
(wake up in the morning at 9o'clock,after 9,,i will hear my mum callin my name from the kitchen!!
"rima, bangun...da pukul brape nie"..huhu
then, i will starts to do my house works like every housewifes buat tu.
kemas ruang tamu, then bersihkan bilik mak, mop dapur n satu umah..(mmg mcm ape yg surirumah buat kn)

-after cleaning the house, taking some relaxing moment by having my bath..hehe
-wearing clothes then open my laptop to do my jobs,,as usual i'll open my internet to login to myspace and my facebook..
when it is 3o'clock, i'll on-ing the tv to watch the indonesion drama which is 'upik abu n laura' as to release my boredom.then,tgk 'lalola' pastu 'zati dan mawas'

-mlm plak,,bkak internet lg!!-myspace-ing & facebook-ing
i will fall asleep at 10..mcm org tua kot,da lar tdo seems tat i have no life at all..
am i rilly a teenager??im already 20 and i noe im old..wei, i must bear in my mind tat im still a superb teenager wif a wonderful life..cne nk ilangkn kebosanan nih??HELP ME.....

wanna noe tomorrow schedule!!?? stills the same guys..until the end of this month(i think so..)xsbrny nk msok kolej balik,,nk jmpe my girlfriends..miss you guys sooo much!!

ok la, thats it for now!~~daa

lol =))


  1. tight gak schedule kim ni...
    tp bgn awl n tdo awl...bgus2...
    surirumah? good2.....

    bosan men la farm town..
    tgk citer korea on9

  2. hahahah..
    kim da bnyk kli nk dwnload muvee,tp xtau software pe nk pki..

    kak ned pastla cte best2 gne ym..
    bole ilangkn kebuhsanan..

  3. tgk on9 je...
    kalo movie/drma korean/hgkg/twn/jpn
    g kt

    download pkai torrent pwon ley...
    kt cni pon ley dowload