Monday, November 30, 2009

sweet moment with em,,

on 23 Nov-26 Nov yg lalu,,kami (OC=Orientation Community) telah bercuti di >>

it takes around 5hour for us to get here, from KPM at 3 n we arrived there at 9.

after check-in to our apartment, we just have our bath and relaxing moment dgn menonton tv..

keesokkn paginy,kami ke sini >>

lol,this pic was showing me of being too excited to visit the orang utan.. :DD

ok, nk g ke pulau org utan, kami kena naik bot >>

ok,,continue..continue (dlm 5minit je then kami sampai d sini>>)

lepas je visit orang utan island, we continue our journey to here>>

we are here in ecopark, nak buat apa..kita tengok apa ek??tengok jela pape yg ada en..haha

jom kita terjah !!! ~~layann

time kitaorg smpi tue sempat la tengok pertunjukan haiwan and its worth it jugak tgk smpi abs coz lpas tue kitaorg dpt snap pic ngan parrot dgn hanya membyr rm1.. >>

ok,,smbg cite lg..lpas da round2 ecopark, kami pon nek chairlift plak..nk tao chair lift 2 apa..korang tgk la sndri pic2 nih..>>

niela chairlift *kt bwh nie* antara scenery2 yg kitaorg snap dr ats 2 ialah >>

kali nie kim cite smpi sini je dlu,,it means that it will b continued for the next entry plak ok??

to be continued...

: DD lol

ti desidero,,

ti desidero, it mean missing someone in latin.

rite now, im rilly missing someone soooo damn badly.

it already been almost 2 weeks after the sem break started,,she was just not around me during this olidae..

she's goin to have her practical starting 2mrw,,gud luck dear!!do support me here, there's gonna b 2sem more to faced and that it after tat we'll register at the same U aite yang for our deg..

haaa,mest nk tao pe yg kim dok merepek nie kn,

just story-ing about someone which is best friend of mine,,


  • nak bergosip mlm2 time sblm tido (bout everythin la...)

  • g turun cafe sesame

  • shopping n watchin dvd

  • g toilet, mandi (mandi asing2 ok,tp kami slalu b'borak dlm toilet,tanye spe yg tao)..hehe

  • urmm,sng cte everythin la

peeps might think -ve about us,,tp they are human,,ordinary human yg mmg ade 2perasaan which is the +ve n -ve

telling rumours, being jealous of us - just let it b

so,friend...miss u a lotsssss!!!sgt3..

lol :(( (miss her!!art~~)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

juz imagine tat,

m i suppose to do my assignment??apekah??wat happen to me..

im focusing on doing the quizzes in fb..huahua..suka dan suka..

dan saya dpt ini >>>> see,,see...

dgn bongkak da sombongny..

its my 1st time to get such an outstanding score..
100% ouh,,
ya rite, im just being soo tah ape2 je kn..

sengal pe die nih, br dpt score 2 pon da kecoh..
so what,,its my blog not u..sukati la kn??

*kim de cruella devilla*

lol =))

b patience,,

as for hnd students batch '07, another 1 more year to go or in a simple word 2 semester it wil b.

im gonna miss all my friends from dia, dbs and dab batch '07.

they already finished their studies which is equal to 5semester, as for the next year they will have their practical..

dia = accountancy course

dbs = business studies course

dab = agro business studies

for them, their studies will b 6 semester = 3 year (5 sem in college, 1 sem prac)

and for me, the hnd 7 semester = 3 and a half year n we doesn't have any prac..
love the college more, tu sbb study kt cnie lame2..
my bestfriend gonna be out from college tis sem..

sem dpn, got to b more independent.*xpe kim,xpe..2 sem je lg..sbr2!!* chaiyok2,,ganbate ne..
juz don't forget to visit me here! =((
there will b no twin next year, juz me..(nk perli aq perli la,,aq xheran..)
aq wat ngokkkkkkkk je..muahahahahahah

lol =))

shut ur mouth up n just hear it,,

i've realized that not everyone love or like u as my mom always said,,

we are just an ordinary person that have been given by him to live a while in this world.
peeps is being what they are whether in pleasant or unpleasant attitude.

i am writing here as to speak up what i feel.

first : always remind urself is people around u are too selfish in thinking their own life,,its not all bout u.
second : only certain humanbeing that will accept who u are and others are not which it will b like this: *blakang ckp lain, dpn ckp lain* it is f_ _ k-ing off dude!
mcm org melayu slalu ckp talam 2 muke or it will be muke bertalam-talam.
third : i don't even care what people say bout me..
as my tagline is *yaa,,rite.da~~,,whatev!!
fourth : and "fyi,, do ngumpat me a lots ya..i'll thanks u guys for it"
im getting famous yaw.
fifth : and to those people out there, don't b jealous on others people advantage!
everyone have their own specials, juz appreaciate it..bersyukur dgn apa yg ada.
sixth : last one, its better to stay alone as u'll be free from all the useless
lol =)) * just love being me,,myself*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

miss u,,

i've been promising to upload all the pic,,n this is the result
at home while waitin for others~~

sana dan sini~~

i'll upload other pic jap lg..

lol =))