Friday, August 21, 2009

d rumah,,

saya sudah berada d rumah,

tghari td mak n abg im amik kt ostel,,then smpi umah tros msok blek n terjun ats katil..
pastu mak suh bli nasi ayam untk lunch sbb mak xmsk arinie..(*da bunyi org men drum dlm perot nih*)..lapa,,lapa,,lapa!!

ajak abg im tmankn g bli nasi ayam kt tasik,,da order pas2 tunggu dan tunggu lagi..lmbt gile akk indon tuh siapkan nasi..order 5bungkus baru,,bknny 25..xpe2,,sabar.

da bli nasi,,singgah kt ban soon(kdai sblh klinik public,,sape dok serdang tau la)..nk bli coke.
cpt-cpt bli,,nek kete n tros chiow..

abg im park kete dlm umh,,kua dr kete n lari cepat2 msok umah sbb da lapa gile..
tross dok dpn meja makan,,bc 'bismillah' pas2 tros ngaaapp..

~burrppp,,alhamdulillah kenyang..hehe..
tu je cite arinie,,tima kasih kerana sudi bc..

:)) lol

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 days to go,,

i'm waitin for friday to arrive.
i've wonder about my fasting week at home.been dreamin it all the time,,
my mid term break wil start on friday n wil last on the 10th day.(just count by urself yaa!)
i still remembered,, helping my mom doin the dishes for 'buka puasa' time.
me : 'mak, hari ni masak apa?'
mak : 'ima nk mkn apa?'
me : 'tomyam la mak,,dan..dan ayam goreng cili api'..
(p.s : walawehhh,,sedappnyeee..)
mak : 'ok'..=)
but, for this hols i need to help my 'ewan' to take care of his flower booth at jln TAR.
flower anyone??just come to the booth k..infront of mydin!*i think*
(p.s : siap wat promosi nih..haha)
'selamat berpuasa dan menyambut bulan ramadhan al-mubarak!!' (^_*)
=)) lol

Sunday, August 16, 2009

completely unbreakable,,

i already get my first assignments and tats was totally C-O-O-L!!
im sure everyone is wondering,,m i gettin mad or somethin for getting those.
no lah,,juz happy and lil bit xcited because i wil starts to do my tasks as usual..
as for the grade, i hope i will score it as im doin until 'D'..insyaallah.

(p.s : i was praying and wishing to get higher pointer for tis semester!! may allah make it true..amiiinnn)

=)) lol

blowing the dust away,,

the title itself has shown how tragic it is..

im not goin to tell sad story here peoples,,haha..
juz wanna share something..

im one of the futsal player in my college,,i already have 2 game against other college and university too..

my 1st battle is with masterskill,, which i quite dissapointed with it..
we lost,,1st half=we lead the game but at the 2nd half=we were losing 2p0int at the back of em..

so,, the game ends with 3-5..


its a bit lucky for them to have enough reserved player,, as for us,, we don't rilly have it..certain of our team member was sick..its all because of the disease which is spreading rite now.

and for me, i was fasting on tat time..haha,,(p.s : mana la nk tau time tuh ada game kan,,suddenly je,,ada announcement,,suh player futsal turun.haha)

at the second thought,, it was a great game pe..kalah tipis je tu!! ;D

and for our second game,, it was the battle between our college and UPM..huhu

main gila-gila nih, tp yg syoknya..kalah lagi..x sedey pon sbb coach kteorg ckp UPM was the champion for entire university futsal tournament..agakny la kot..haha

nk tau bpe kteorg dpt..our score is 0,,na~daaa!!kosong..dorang score 4..player terrer2 maaa..hehe,,sj nk sdapkan ati..

their futsal court was too big,, its a lil bit tiring to run all over it..~haih..

and tats it,,for the next game,,i'll b much more ready for kickin..

=)) lol

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



nk tau knape,sbbny handphone nie buat hal setelah dia cube untk membunuh diri,,lg skali apa dia kawan-kawan 'membunuh diri'..handphone nie try terjun dr tingkat 1 kt kolej,,berhadapan dgn Lab J.sape yg dok kt kpm beranang 2 tau la kot..~hee

selepas kejadian tersebut,,aq ingt dia da meninggal.rupa-rupany,,idop lg coz handphone tuh kental n tabah mcm tuan die,,(^_*)..hehe

tp,,selepas beberapa ari,,mcm2 penyakit handphone 2 dpt,,side effect lpas try terjun bangunan tu rasa,mayb lcd die rosak so half of the pic in phone da xnmpk..huhu,,sedeyny..n then kalu org nk kol,,cm tetbe putus pas2 kdg2 xbole dgr voice org yg call tuh..~adeii,,mcm

pas2,pe pon ngadu kt mak.die kata sbr,2nggu lpas raya br bole dpt handphone baru..~yippiee..=D..sonok2..sementara nk tunggu handphone br,,ewan pon bgla pinjam handphone die,, xtau model apa.nk wat cmne,,bersabar jela nmpkny!!

hp aq yg skang,,rpeny cm nih >>> tp wane putih(limited edition)
pas2,,ingt nk 2kar hp tuh kpd yg nie >>>
ok x??xpon,,kalu xdpt hp tue mayb cri hp se or nokia yg len kot..
so,to kak long,,abg im n ewan,,bole r belikan ima hp tuh k..huhu..
ok la,its time 4 me to go..mao makan!!~daa

=)) lol

Sunday, August 2, 2009

it just begin,,

im havin my olidae as it because of the H1N1. i don't know whether tis olidae is including my mid sem break or not..

after a while,,wit the olidae is starting, i thought i'll just enjoying it..havin a precious moment wit the familia..

and another one,,i do have assignment to get done which is for the MPW subject,,as in malay word is 'Pengajian Malaysia'..hoho..

so,,for all beranang students..happy hols!!:))
lol :))