Sunday, June 28, 2009


i've no idea on thinking wat entry title should i put. nothin interesting happen 2day..

wait,,wait..there's somethin interesting goin on..

im havin a lunch wif my old fwens in secondary school which is belle n ecah..

we haven't meet for couple of years or mayb the exact answer is 3 year..

back to the story, we have our lunch at my house though my parents is quite busy with their catering business..but my mum stil make the special dishes for them especially belle who keep dreamin n thinking bout my mum 'smbal ikan bilis wif the kentang'..hehe

after finishing our meals,we have a lil chit-chat or ladies like us will call it 'bergosip' or gosip-ing..
ahaha,,no lar we juz have the normal or usual talk like this:

  • 'korang cuti smpi bile?' then 'bile balik kolej?' or 'ko amik kos pe wei?'(p.s: pdahal da sem bpe skang nie br aq nk tny..~haha)

  • and the others, i think i might not tellin it here..let it b a secret??(p.s: rahsia la sgt..ngahahah,,tp mmg xbole gtau la.)
after the borak-borak, kami like salam-salam coz they're goin back..then kami pon bye-bye la..

for both of u and the others, if u guys wanna come to my house,,juz say n my family are welcoming u guys!!haha,cam penyambut tetamu kt hotel la plak :)

about 3 and a half plak, me wif some friends proceed to the mines to buy my hostel stuff.

im goin back to college on this thursday. then time balik dr mines, while we are walkin through the apartment or should we call it kondo or what..the tall building which across the shopping complex..apa2 jela..yg nama die 'the heritage' tue..

i found something that is rilly attracts me..nk tau pe..

this is not the thing..
but........this one..

ok,cbe korang bayangkn kalu g toilet kt shopping complex or mall,,kt toilet sume tulis man or woman kn??
tapi yg nie cam unik ckit..

man = bab which is 'baba'

woman = nyonya

they take it the name from the malacca culture which is 'the baba n nyonya'
isn't it nice..comel kn.~hehe

=)) lol

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