Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my dad stil young,,

let me think, he already 60 years old...stil young lol!!

who im talkin bout!?peeps used 2 call him 'din','pak uda' or 'zul'..
he is my superb dad.~zainudin b abd manap..

yesterday is his birthday,9th June 09!!-sweet 60-.hahahha,,selamat ari jadi ayah..

and..and..hepi bufdae ewan! <--- he is my 2nd bro,same bufdae cm ayah die la..

we celebrate his buff at san francisco pizza at mines,,abg im n ewan couldn.t come..

they have some works 2 get done..xpe2,,next time ye bro.

okey,callin 4 waiter..die bg menu!!

ameen nk : beef starganoff

ayah nk : braissed lamb shank

mak nk: chicken chop

me lak?? : i prefer lamb chop please.....hehe

kak long : pe tah name meal die,susah nk sebut.=P

abg khairul : urmmmm, xingtla

2 of my nephews : mkn soup wif garlic bread, pas2 aiskrim.

while waitin 4 our meals 2 arrive,pe lg,,snap pictures of coz.

after a while,mknan kami pon sampai.wanna c mine>>

~lamb lg,bismillah pas2 mmkkkknnnnnn!!

totally delicious,sgt2 sdap k.u should try it.

lpas mkn,g jalan2 kt lua jap.tmankan ferhan & fahrin main kt playground.

then,kak long pnggil ayh ngan mak 2 capture their photo.

kul 10pm cmtu bru blik..once again,,'happy 60 birthday dad'..~love u..muaahhxxx3
thanks 4 everything..
lol =))


  1. ~hee
    tp abg lg 2org tue xde..

  2. ermm ssh nk kumpl sume..
    xpe yg pntg slg mengingati....
    anyway sok father's day...
    jom same2 wish pd ayh msg2 ye...