Tuesday, July 14, 2009

still exist,,

few weeks ago, im superb busy with everything..
currently im in bandar beranang rite now..(p.s : bandar beranang ke??i thought its kinda of hulu kn??,,haha)

handling the newcomers to the Mara Professional College Beranang which im da one of their fasi..1 weeks for their orientataion.

having my subject and class registration while handling the new students..totally crazy when doing the multitasking jobs..macam gile sgt dibuatnya..tp xpe,,sbr2..huhu

so, i rilly don't have any time to update my blog..

for the time being, im in my study mode here..lots of story im gonna share wif all of u later..
juz looking for the free time to let my finger typing all the craps..

gotta go!!
~~preparing to go 4 my classes..

=)) lol

1 comment:

  1. OC kim!!
    bz btol ko ek???
    camat memulakan sem bawu!!!!

    btw, ade tag tuk ko..
    jmput dtg kt blog aku!!