Saturday, March 20, 2010

take a deep breath and calm yourself,,

through the patience, it comes a very worthwhile present..
i've been waiting to get it for the past 3months..

kak long arrived at my home around 10/10.30pm..
along that,she bring the present which is the blackberry pearl flip 8220, which this brand not yet release in M'sia, this phone was imported from Singapore as a gift for the quite well result that i get last semester..

thanks dear sista!

plastic cover was not opened yet,,worried of scratches..
haha,,so poyooo!
first2 knela jaga elok2 kn. ;p

after updating my fb status which sounds like this >>

*happy mode* because i already got my bb 8220 imported from s'pore and its a gift from my sista for superbb result that i get last semester.. ~syukurr alhamdulillah.. thanks once again sis! love ya :-*

abg im was noticed about it and he comment this>>

he will gives anything that i want if my cgpa for this semester is being more than 3.5 par..
*mcm nk main golf plak*

thanks abg im, i'll make sure that i'll give out all my passion towards my study..

lol :)) juz love it!

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