Saturday, May 8, 2010

blow it away~,,

this semester were quite challenging than before. it were full of assignments + assignments and assignments. i would've to said that im scared to faced this sem pointer, but nvm i already done my best towards all the assigmnt.
wish i can maintain my pointer for this sem *crossing finger*.aminn..

ok, let move on to other story.

i've to attend lots of event this sem. one of it will be trip to Singapore which on 22-25th May. im goin there with the collegues ( winner of KASUKMA for last sem)
KASUKMA = sport event that involves all the mara college which includes the KPM(kolej professional mara) and KM(kolej mara). our college has won the 1st place, by that our director have promised to bring us there.

but, i can't follow the trip as i got some will b personal reasons.
so, trip to Singapore is cancelled (by myself). to others, enjoy ur moments there, don't forget to snap pics kiddies. (:

REDO session will be on(30th May - 2nd June)
Location : college again

what a life, during holiday pun kena g college.
what for? repair assignment again.
ok, let it b. tasks need to be done on those days.

Let us begin with the new story here,

happy story that makes me real excited.
wanna know what is it?


im goin to SABAH..woot-woot~
on 4th June - 7th June..
then, we'll begin our journey to BRUNEI..
it was a replacement on the cancelled trip that i've make.
SABAH + BRUNEI,, here I comeeeee!!

after the trip, i'll be busy taking my P license.
need to drive car, im gonna b 21 in a few days.
gud luck for me! (:
so, sadness, do go awayy~
happiness, i need ya, come to me babeh!

that's all for today!
and im sorry for not updating my blog for such a long-long time.

:) lol

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