Thursday, March 4, 2010


im going to remember that date..
something tragic happened on the date..
im not going to pissed off,sad and whateva that have the same meaning!

ok,im starting to tell the real story here fella~
just read and believe it!

destination : LONDON (ok,its not),MID VALLEY MEGAMALL
time : 1.20pm
activity : heading to surau nearby JUSCO,level G(to have my zohor prayer)

situation 1:

entering the surau,put my bag near the wall (leave my shawl on top of it). take a telekung and sejadah and put the sejadah facing the kiblat.walk a lil bit around the corner to take my wudhuk.


ok,after having my 2minutes of taking wudhuk,im wearing my telekung and sat on the sejadah while waitin for the azan zohor.
the bag is still at the place,safely *i think,i've no negative thinking to peeps around me*..

after azan zohor,im doing the zohor prayer of course.
it takes me around 5minutes to finished up my prayer..
doa--doa,then just head to back at the surau which i've putted my bag earlier.
i saw my cardi n shawl was not at the originally condition when i've put them before.
i looked my bag was unzipped and the purse that i've put in it has lost..
im not saying the F word since im in the surau on that moment!
and the word astarafirullahalaghzim juz couldn't reach out from my big mouth at all..i was shocked, and during that time,deep in my heart were saying..

*ada jugak org yg sanggup mencuri dlm surau ni,desperate sgt ke?*

so,i make the perfect decision to make a report of my lostness(if this word does not have in the dictionary,juz ignore it* ;p to the information counter.

situation 2 : (at the information counter)

- there a lady at the information counter -

me : excuse me, akak, purse sy hilang la.
young lady : jap ye dik, (there's a guy entering the IC)

conversation between the young lady and the guy

yl : ada orang hilang barang la
guy : mana?
yl : tu..

conversation between me and that guy

guy : hilang brg ye?
me : a'ah

*that guy opened the drawer and pull out a file full of form, he take out one form*

guy : isi borang kehilangan nie ye.
me : haa,ok. *fill in the form*
guy : tulis details psl brg yg hilang tu ye.hilang kt mana dik?
me : surau

*after finished fill in the form*

guy : nnt kalau ada apa2 berita,sy akan kol awk la.
me : ok,terima kasih.tu je ke?
guy : ha,iye.lpas nie cik kena pergi balai polis pulak untk bwat report..
cik keluar pintu utama ni,belok kanan,kt situ ada balai polis.
me : ha'a,tq.

situation 3 : ( in the police station *

me : assalamualaikum..bang,sy nk report purse kne curi la..
*the police officer was eating,then he said*
po : waalaikumussalam,adik bole duduk dulu x,abg nk mkn jap.maaf ye!
me : haa,,xpe2,,sy bole tnggu

*while he having his meal,he question-ing me many ques*
1. hilang purse kt mana dik?
2. adik letak bag tu kt mana?
3. ada brg penting x dlm tu?
4. duit bpe rm?
5. adik keje pe?
6. belajar kt mana?
7. lepas da wat report ni nk g mana?

heh!?banyaknya soalan..but what to do,i juz answer it.

*he wash his hand,opened his drawer and pull out a file* again!
give me one piece of paper which like a statement for me to make.

wanna c my statement..(mcm bwat karangan pendek pulak bila d fikir-fikirkn balik)

finish writing, then the p.o read my statement,doing suggestion to me on adding some more like a teacher which is having a tuition class with his student.

ok,then he's like calling other police station regarding my case.
then he said to me

po : adik kena pergi balai polis brickfields ni untuk mengesahkan statement.
me : kena pergi jugak ke?kalau pergi tempat lain x bole?
po : ni kes jenayah dik,semua kes jenayah adik kne lapor kt sana.
me : ouh,yeke?xpela,jap lg sy tros pergi sane.
po : adik pergi sane kne jmpe sarjan animah ye.
me : haa,ok
po : nie adik pny salinan fotostat statement.,ada 2 ni,satu lg bg kt sarjan animah tu nnt ye.
me : ok,terima kasih.

out from the place~~

situation 4 : (calling my sista - kak long,to blocked my CIMB bank card)
*my sista worked at CIMB, so it is not a difficult job to do such thing*

after calling like more than 7 times and she didn't pick up her phone,at all..
at last i receive a call from her..

sista : np call?
me : kak long,tlg block kad cimb aq, aq pny purse kena curi..
sista : lahh,cmne bole kena curi,ko letak kt mne?
me : *tellin her the surface of the real story*
sista : tp aq xbole watla,ko kne call customer service
me : alaa,xkn ko xbole wat kot..
sista : jap2,aq tgk..haa,,bak cnie IC no ko
me : 89...-..-....
sista : ok,jap aq block.japg aq call ko blik.
me : ok,tima kasih..

-after 5-10 minutes-
received a call from my sista back.

sista : ima,mmg ada org nk kluakn duit ko.
me : hah!?abis tu,dpt x?
sista : nsib baik xdpt sbb bank dpt captured pin..
*i don't know what 'captured pin' nk tny k.long but stil going on with the conversation*
me : huh,nsib baik..
sista : ko ada kluakn rm150 ke td?
me : haa,,ade2..
sista : lpas tu ko xde klukn duit kn?
me : a'ah,xda da..
sista : len kli jgn percaya sgt kt org sekeliling..
me : baik kak long (-_-"), ok la,tq!
sista : ok,bye


situation 5 : (at IPD Brickfields, level 1)

waitin for sjn.animah to see her client (which is tahanan or we call it as banduan)

its already 4 and a half,and the conversation between them not over yet.
when the time has passed 4.55pm,the sjn called me in.

im telling the sjn the same fairytale (my purse have been stolen by others and bla..bla..bla),i already said so,it is the same story..

finish giving all those statement,and im out..
OUT peeps, the place was real scary (semua org pon kena gari,wearing the same outfits which i saw certain of it were wearing purple shirt and some of it were wearing orange)..they're faces has give me a lil bit of af-rae-it(afraid)..

situation 6 : (mid valley again!)

- (have a pit stop at HINODE shop to buy the house fragrance)as requested by my mom
- (make a move to JUSCO to buy laksa and kuew teow soup at its cafe)
- (making my way down to buy some TAKO for myself,and i've order 3types of tako which is octopus, prawn and chicken ham)

finish shoppe-ing,heading to the KTM station to go back home!


that's all my tragic story for today,its not soo tragic actually.
i've got my 1st experience to go to the police station and make a report..
i already go to 2 police station..2 police station guys!

and rite now,im having my temporary still malaysian ouh!no offense..
the moral value here is : do not trust people easily eventhough people that have in the surau!
wanna believe it?juz believe it..

c ya in the next episode of 'ripley's believe or not!'

i can still laugh after what have been done!
and it is my own experience..

lol :))


  1. ima penah rasa cmni kak kim..
    huu, ima semayang kat alamanda, tgok2 hnbag hilang. ckp kat ayah suh block, pstuh tgok2 da de org kuarkan duit sume, baru dpt elaun sem satu, xrasa pon duet tu, ade 8rtus lebeyh.. sedeyhhh...:( hp ilang gak.. tp xreport polis pon. malas, bkn bleh dpt blik pon..;'( waa

  2. ima pny cte lg sdey.. nk nanges ah!