Saturday, March 20, 2010

our journey begin part 2,,

on the 13 March 2010,,

we've decided to hanging out at KLCC..
out from KPMB at 2pm because of what??

it is just because of the replaced classes that i need to go..
nevermind,the plan to go there still on..

waitin for a bus about 30minutes or almost 1 hour,,
and i was sweating,y i was sweating,want to know about it??
because of this >>

lol,,wearing jubah while the weather in M'sia was hot..we are not in UK nor North pole..and the jubah is black~
but, i would like to give a simple reason here..

jubah is the easiest clothing to sarung,,juz button up n thats it..u r ready to go out..
im sure all of ya have this perception popping into ur mind >>

*lohh,,np pki jubah?pki seluar sudaa...
*tghari panas pki jubah,,gila pe.
*jubah tu da la hitam,,

oke2,i'll answer here because i don't have any formspring yet..

my college has a rules that all the students that live in the ostel (residents) need to wear a formal outfit when u want to go outing..
*perghh,,kolot gila kolej nih*,,oke2,i realized that,its a rules,just follow it.
da nme pon kolej nih under MARA, student dpt elaun,tinggal kt asrama free,,no need to pay anything like others..
our registration fee is affordable and one more thing we doesn't need to pay anything when we've finished,,graduated..
once again,no need to pay anything!!
so,apa lg,,ikot jela rules tu..

tu sbb la sy pki jubah time nk klua tuh,,to lazy on iron-ing the baju kurung.

ok,continued..back to the story..
arrived KLCC around 4o'clock and all of us were starving..
our stomach were empty,,none!

we make our way to the food court upstairs..
find a place for us to sit.
snap pictures while waitin for others to order their meal,,
mkn3,then look at the watch and it already 6.
cepatnya mase berlalu..
septotnya nk tgk alice in wonderland but the ticket was fully booked..
xpela,mayb lain kali je.

kami bernagkat pulang ke KPMB around 7.
-pelajar kamsis(ostel) dbenarkn outing smpi 8.30pm je..lebih drp tuh id kad kne tahan dgn warden..~huuu

nk tao sy blik pkul bpe,,rahsia!

esk tu plak,14 March 2010..kami ke sg.tekala..

pagi2 lg da bgon untk ke tekala,,kami ke sane dgn menaiki kereta yg di sewa..
thanks to tenat(dak kolej)
rental fees = rm70 per day..

kami smapi kt tekala around 9, then mandi-manda smpi kul 11am..
selesai m'buat tranformasi (tukar bj)
heading to metropoint kajang to have a lunch.
mkn cpt2 coz need to sent my bestie kt hentian kajang,bas ke ipoh pukul 2..
selesai anta my bestie, anta nadia kt ktm plak,die mao pulang..

lpas je anta sume, kami b'4 (aten,kecheq,biela n me) ke mines,mao menonton wayang-alice in wonderland tp full gak..
akhirnya kami membuat keputusan untk menonton book of eli..
best gak movie tu..
kami pulang ke KPM kul 8.30pm,blik ostel,tukar baju, turun ke cafe untk mkn bersama..
berborak dgn panjang lebar hingga xsedar da pkul 10pm,

waaa~journey yg sgt best bersama mereka!
gmbr2 akn d post kemudian k..

lol :))

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