Monday, November 30, 2009

ti desidero,,

ti desidero, it mean missing someone in latin.

rite now, im rilly missing someone soooo damn badly.

it already been almost 2 weeks after the sem break started,,she was just not around me during this olidae..

she's goin to have her practical starting 2mrw,,gud luck dear!!do support me here, there's gonna b 2sem more to faced and that it after tat we'll register at the same U aite yang for our deg..

haaa,mest nk tao pe yg kim dok merepek nie kn,

just story-ing about someone which is best friend of mine,,


  • nak bergosip mlm2 time sblm tido (bout everythin la...)

  • g turun cafe sesame

  • shopping n watchin dvd

  • g toilet, mandi (mandi asing2 ok,tp kami slalu b'borak dlm toilet,tanye spe yg tao)..hehe

  • urmm,sng cte everythin la

peeps might think -ve about us,,tp they are human,,ordinary human yg mmg ade 2perasaan which is the +ve n -ve

telling rumours, being jealous of us - just let it b

so,friend...miss u a lotsssss!!!sgt3..

lol :(( (miss her!!art~~)

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