Monday, November 30, 2009

sweet moment with em,,

on 23 Nov-26 Nov yg lalu,,kami (OC=Orientation Community) telah bercuti di >>

it takes around 5hour for us to get here, from KPM at 3 n we arrived there at 9.

after check-in to our apartment, we just have our bath and relaxing moment dgn menonton tv..

keesokkn paginy,kami ke sini >>

lol,this pic was showing me of being too excited to visit the orang utan.. :DD

ok, nk g ke pulau org utan, kami kena naik bot >>

ok,,continue..continue (dlm 5minit je then kami sampai d sini>>)

lepas je visit orang utan island, we continue our journey to here>>

we are here in ecopark, nak buat apa..kita tengok apa ek??tengok jela pape yg ada en..haha

jom kita terjah !!! ~~layann

time kitaorg smpi tue sempat la tengok pertunjukan haiwan and its worth it jugak tgk smpi abs coz lpas tue kitaorg dpt snap pic ngan parrot dgn hanya membyr rm1.. >>

ok,,smbg cite lg..lpas da round2 ecopark, kami pon nek chairlift plak..nk tao chair lift 2 apa..korang tgk la sndri pic2 nih..>>

niela chairlift *kt bwh nie* antara scenery2 yg kitaorg snap dr ats 2 ialah >>

kali nie kim cite smpi sini je dlu,,it means that it will b continued for the next entry plak ok??

to be continued...

: DD lol

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