Saturday, November 14, 2009

b patience,,

as for hnd students batch '07, another 1 more year to go or in a simple word 2 semester it wil b.

im gonna miss all my friends from dia, dbs and dab batch '07.

they already finished their studies which is equal to 5semester, as for the next year they will have their practical..

dia = accountancy course

dbs = business studies course

dab = agro business studies

for them, their studies will b 6 semester = 3 year (5 sem in college, 1 sem prac)

and for me, the hnd 7 semester = 3 and a half year n we doesn't have any prac..
love the college more, tu sbb study kt cnie lame2..
my bestfriend gonna be out from college tis sem..

sem dpn, got to b more independent.*xpe kim,xpe..2 sem je lg..sbr2!!* chaiyok2,,ganbate ne..
juz don't forget to visit me here! =((
there will b no twin next year, juz me..(nk perli aq perli la,,aq xheran..)
aq wat ngokkkkkkkk je..muahahahahahah

lol =))