Saturday, November 14, 2009

shut ur mouth up n just hear it,,

i've realized that not everyone love or like u as my mom always said,,

we are just an ordinary person that have been given by him to live a while in this world.
peeps is being what they are whether in pleasant or unpleasant attitude.

i am writing here as to speak up what i feel.

first : always remind urself is people around u are too selfish in thinking their own life,,its not all bout u.
second : only certain humanbeing that will accept who u are and others are not which it will b like this: *blakang ckp lain, dpn ckp lain* it is f_ _ k-ing off dude!
mcm org melayu slalu ckp talam 2 muke or it will be muke bertalam-talam.
third : i don't even care what people say bout me..
as my tagline is *yaa,,rite.da~~,,whatev!!
fourth : and "fyi,, do ngumpat me a lots ya..i'll thanks u guys for it"
im getting famous yaw.
fifth : and to those people out there, don't b jealous on others people advantage!
everyone have their own specials, juz appreaciate it..bersyukur dgn apa yg ada.
sixth : last one, its better to stay alone as u'll be free from all the useless
lol =)) * just love being me,,myself*

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