Wednesday, May 19, 2010

matured,,totally naa~ah,,

thanks to everyone that have wished me happy birthday.
really..really appreciate it.

im already 21 but it doesn't mean that im old oh.
still young and awesome + gorgeous a lil bit
what do u think? am i right? of course i am..

this year birthday, nothing much.simple indeed meaningful.
birthday present from roommates, special person and family.

21 wish list = none! but want to....

1. have happy life.
2. finish my studies and continue my deg.
3. boyfie? anyone want to be mine.just call me at this num 01*-******7
haha..totally not!im not desperate oh.
4. gain weight.
5. pass my JPJ test.

last but not least, car! small car will be, can someone give me that??

ok.stop.i'll post another later.

just wanna said~ i alreadyy start my holidaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

:)) lol

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