Saturday, January 30, 2010

trying to forget, but i can't,,

every piece of memory that have been passed shouldn't b forget juz like tat whether it was a tiny..tiny little thing..

i still remembered all my childhood memories n im missing to b in the past.
wearing the bikini in the pool, mse kecik kn,,manela tao dosa/pahala lg..huhu
totally can't wear it for going to b 21 this year..

what??21 YEARS OLD..please say it again??i just don't believe it..

yes kim,, u r goin to b 21,,and it sound believe it!!~lol *what an annoyed drama i've been doing here..

the precious n spectacular memories that have been passed since i was in primary and secondary is totally long-long time ago like almost 10 years or more <-- primary for secondary mayb 4 years..

mase skola rendah dlu,,rse cpt je nk abs sbb n msok secondary school

then ble da msok skola men,rse cpt2 je nk abs sbb nk kerja then klu result oke further study la kn,,amik dip..

sekarang ni,ble da amik dip,rse cpt2 je nk grad then further study..deg plak..

then?what do u think next??
married?getting babies??

ohhhh,,noooo!!can't imagine that..being a mum??
then anak-anak nk pnggil ape..

umi,,mama,,mummy,,ibu,,mak??ble cite psl mende nih,,it really makes me nerve.

plan for my life would b like this: *~cheh,siap plan* xpe,kte hanya mampu merancang,tuhan yg menentukn..kn3??

1. after graduating, further my deg by age 22 which is next year
2. prediction for my study year in deg would b like 2 or mayb 3 just a prediction here, i've no psikik,then xbole la bwat ramalan for the future kn.. :P
3. uhmmm,when i was 25 (age for me on that time), kre da grad for deg la nih, then cari kerja dlu.*my father said :"cari keje under kerajaan,,nnt sng.mak n ayh pon sng..bole r tumpang sekaki"..tumpang berkaki-kaki pon xpe mak,ayah..
*waaaa,,anak solehah n mithali ni*hehe
4. mayb bile keje n kewangan da stabil, im goin to buy my car..pastu kumpul2 duit br
~~KEKKON~~ mksdnya kahwin la,married..*kekkon tu dlm bahasa JEPON,,aite?*
5. pastu xde idea da??

bile teringat psl mende nie sume, it reminds me that we r gettin older not younger.
bersyukur dgn ape yg kte ada skang nie, don't juz waste it!!

eyh,,i'll upload all my photos time primary n secondary school nnt ye!

every pic have their own memory.nnt la smbg cite lg.
nk lunch jap, my stomach is rocking or mayb having a kuda kepang
gtg,,c y'all again ya..

lol :))

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