Wednesday, January 27, 2010

miserable life of kim's continue..


i juz couldn't rememba what have i told u guys yesterday..

jap..jap..*ingat balik*

aaaauuuummmm,,relax n focus!!let us continue our journey to the flash back that has been made yesterday..

begin with my new semester which im currently in sem6 rite now <---- not repeating oke but its a fact because im having like a-soo-damn long studying year here.3 and a 1/2,minus and its equal to 7semester in college n there is no practical.if there is so, its gonna more miserable la kn,8semester lg penin..

for this sem, the subjects that i've to take are:
1. WEB = website management , credit hour = 4 (core subject)
2. QMP = quality management principle, credit hour = 4 (core subject)
3. CT = communication technology, credit hour = 4 (core subject)
4. BIT = business implementation technology, credit hour = 4 (core subject)

lihat dan lihat lg..subject untk sem kali nih sume CORE!!arghhhh,,senior said cm h4 is killer sem..waduhh,,waduhh..gawat nih!

tp xpe, lecturer sem nih sume best2..syokkk woooo!!insyallah,kne maintain pointer nih. :)
my classmates pon sumenya happening blake,otak masuk air samela cm kim nie en..

minx2 la sem nie akn berjalan sgt lancar..*hoping*


1 comment:

  1. hnd 4 mmg killer sem tp...
    sem ni if jatuh mmg jatuh..
    tp kalo naik..mmg superb pnye naik...
    i wish u get 4.0 ok...cayok3 dear