Tuesday, January 26, 2010


huh!?im stil have it but juz leavin it <------ apela kim dok merepek nie en??hehe..sy sendiri pon xtao!

oke2, i missed my blog soooo much but the packed schedule on my classes making me too lazy to upda8 my blog..~haih

i've lots and lotss of story to tell here, its already 2.42 am in Malaysia rite now..*hehe,,cm ape je en,,sure2 la kt m'sia xkn LONDON or NY kot*, tp mata nie xmao tutup ag, jd from being like a-so-dead person,baik b'blogging jela.

let me see..uhmm??nk cite pe?
oh yaa!

mcm tah pape je bila sume org b'cerita psl NY celebration dan destinasi sy pulak pd ketika itu kemana, sy pon xtao sbb i was sleep-ing on that precious moment..*precious ke??~cett*

1 Jan 2010, its passed n i've nothin to story about the day.
1.01.2010 - rewind back please,mcm bole!!


3 Jan 2010 - packed my stuffs coz i had to leave SERDANG on that day..
up..up n awayyyy to BERANANG,2nd hometown of mine!~semester baru, semangat baru, kasut baru tp no baju baru..huh!!cool2,,baju kurung sume ok2 lg pe..

5 Jan 2010 - registration for the newcomers of MPCB which stands for,the superb Mara Professional College Beranang..got it?know the place?if don't,better zipp it..
orientation start today n it ends on 9 Jan 2010.once again,im one of the orientation community aka facilitator.
what m i goin to do for the weeks??
im doin sumthin of coz, but those newcomers mcm have to attend mcm2 la..
activity..module..motivation slot..ceramah wif the lect dan bnyk lg..

9 Jan 2010 - end of orientation week n im freeeeeeeeeee..
thats totally a lie,need to do some washing on the baju,bertimbun-timbun baju dlm bakul..
thanks but no thanks to the washin machine,,as usual rm2.50 per wash..
insert the 50cent coin, then choose the type of washing *prefer color wash*
then wait for 33minutes..
zettt..zettt..zettt <----- *bunyi mesin*

pas da abs cuci,take out all the clothes in the machine,put in the raga..p.s: bahasa baku/skema for bakul is raga!sidai kt ampaian~~tnggu smpi die kerin ye tuan2 dan puan2.

to be continued by kim on the next series
//miserable life of kim's......

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