Wednesday, February 3, 2010

music is life,,

"i gotta feeling,,woo~~woo..that tonite gonna b a good nite"

"benarkn ku tuk berbicara,bicara trus ke hatimu,hatimu"

*suddenly,i've chosen to put the lyric up there as it pop up into my mind"

hearing music is a must 4 me,everyday or even every hour especially when doing the assignments..i've become addicted to music since in secondary school.
when there's a new song played whether in radio n tv,im the one being soo chaos trying to ask people the song title and the singer..

being so desperate asking my friends through the ym in the middle of the nite,,
mcm sgt2 lah loser..huh!

then,i've sgtlah bad habit..
if im hearing the music using earphone,the volume will be like max..
ok,for examp:

- assignments make me really tense,so i just don't like being disturbed by others..
making the volume to the max will help me like not-to-hear anything (suara-suara halus) except the song itself lol :D

- another habit is: when im in the toilet to wash all the clothes that been used for past 3 days, i'll put on the earphone and just sing (making concert in the toilet by myself), mcm xignored other people around me,yg klua masok toilet n yg seangkatan mencuci kain dgn ku itu.
another difficulties for them (which is my roommates or other friends) to call me when im putting the earphone on.they need to shout out loud to my ear because i was deaf on that time..(yela,bile da psg earphone kt telinga nih,psg volume plg tnggi,,org pnggil pon xdgr..pekakla katakan..)

kalu sidai kain kt ampaian pon cmtu gak, ble bdak-bdak level ats panggil,mmg xdgrla kn(untuk pengetahuan umum,sy tnggl d level 1,kamsis saidatina khadijah ok).bak pepatah 'cm cakap ngan tiang je en',ader ke pepatah cmtu??..~wahahaha
\\kadang2 tuh smpi kenkwn aq nih mengamuk tao..haha..sbr ye kwn2 kuh

*p.s :so gals, do use the speaker or microphone to talk to tips nih.

//some people hear the music and some people listen//

:)) lol

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