Monday, December 13, 2010


My LAST Minutes of Survey :)

Woot-woot, taggy-lil-thingy from adik buyut kuh!!
thanks adik..

dan jawapannya adalah : JENNGG..JENGG..JENGGG,,

Name : Nur Ikrima bt Zainudin .
Brother(S) : 1 bigga sistah, 2 bigga brother and 1 lil brother
Eye colour : blue!! haha..totally nope, its black not sure.
Shoe Size : it depends on shoe, 7 = sport shoes, 8 & 9 = pump n other shoes
Hair : Black, but sometimes nmpk mcm brown sket2 (mcm mat salleh gitu)
Piercing : have it, for sure kt telinga kn.
Height : 163cm aje, definitely xboleh jd model.ngaa~
What are you wearing right now : black t-shirt + seluar suku warna pink with bunga2.~aawww .
Where do you live : Serdang, UPM .
Favorite Number : 15 , 5
Favorite Drink : All the juices, teh o' ais limau, air kedondong buatan emak-kuh!
Favorite month : May of course .
Favorite Breakfast : kuew teow goreng, bubur nasi
Broken a bone : never been to .
Been In a police Car : WHAT!? absolutely NOPE..
Fallen for a friend : walawehh~ mcm mengerti je soalan neh, pernah je! bohonglah kalau x, kn?
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : uhmm,, ada-ada. 1 month kot.
Swam In the ocean : superbb cool, pernah!
Fallen asleep In school : haha, time ADD MATH, PHYSIC & CHEMISTRY. often gilaa.
Broken someone's Heart : ada ke? ada meh?..don't think so.
Cried when someone died : YES!
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : certain times, YES!
Saved E-mails : Of course, important one. not important = TRASH!
Been cheated : YUP!and i just don't like it.
Your room look a like : a room lahh, xkn living room plak.adeii~
What is right beside you : hand-fy, modem!
What is the last thing you ate : tomyam and TAKO, nyum-nyum!
Who did you last yell : RAJA ATIQAH HAMIDON! such an annoying budak tuh..haha,*kiddin
Who was the last person you danced with : NOBODY, ada ke org nk menari dgn aq?
Who last made you smile : her, RAJA ATIQAH HAMIDON..and GENG BAS SEKOLAH aq.thanks!
What are you listening to right now :
Black Eyed Peas - The Times
What did you do today :
Kemas rumah, gosok baju, hanging out , tengok TV , makan, YM-ing , Skype-ing , updating BLOG.
Are you the oldest : Bukanlah, my sistah.
Indoors or outdoors : Love both!
Talk to someone you like : oh, entahla. MAYBE YES!
Kiss someone : mak oiii~, xpernah meh!
Sing : time tension, selalu sgt!
Talk to an Ex : ngeh2, NOPE!
Miss someone? : YUP, missing soo badly tp need to faced it. KUAT KIM!!
Eat : banyak sgt mkn, tp x gemok pon.
You talked on the phone to : RAJA ATIQAH HAMIDON, dia call nk thu sy da smpi rumah ke x, HAHA!.
Made you cry : someone! SECRET kot,
You went to the mall with : my GENG BAS SEKOLAH, someone lahh!!
Who cheered you up : used to be her, -_-"
Been to Mexico? : yebba-yebba, angre-angre!! WHY NOT, ok je.
Been to USA? : traveling is my hobby, so. apa lg.UP-UP AND AWAYYY..
Have a crush on someone : NOPE, nggak ada lg seh.
What books are you reading right now : REMAJA, NUR.
Best feeling in the world : lots of it, banyak yg xterhingga!
Future kids name : Heh!? idea
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : NO-NO
What's under your bed : NOTHING, habuk adalah kot.
Favourite sports : Futsal + bowling + renang!!
Favorite place : Japan, New York, pulau-pulau & semestinyalah sume umat ISLAM nk g sini kn ---> MAKKAH..
Who do you really hate :
BACKSTABBER, HYPOCRITES!! bnyk lg, mls nk tulis je.
Do you have a job : ADE ! im the GRAPPER, tanam2 anggur.xdpt keje lg.haih~
What time is it now : 12.22 PM .
With however long it took you to complete this ,
post as "My __ Minutes survey" and tag 15 peoples.

1. Pecintahijau (Raja Atiqah Hamidon)
2. si cantik Alia Zarfullah
3. si putih gebu Nur Salimah Yusri
4. si comel Salyana Samsaiman
5. Izza Farhana yg cunn habiss
6. Nadia Nadine yg kurus-mulus
7. kakak kuh-huhu, Kak Lisa

and to everyone lah,,amik je tag ni.
dah g buat jauh2..syuuhh3~

kim.z ;)