Wednesday, December 23, 2009

horrible or terrible?

me : mak,ima ingt nk keje part time la..

mak : keje kt mana?

me : tah,nnt ima cri kt internet

mak : xpyhla,keje kt umh nie pon bnyk

me : urmm,,ima try cri dlu la ek.

oke,tat conversation happened earlier when i've started my semester break..its an old story *for me la*, if u guys don't want to know it just get off..*asl tetbe jd kejam plak nih*haha

back to the story,i rilly wanted to find a job, once again a J.O.B titik noktah,,tp nk buat mcmane all my times has been wasted by me,,untuk apa??nk tao??untk g balik kolej,repair assignment..

how wonderful i m,seronok sgt dpt balik kolej and the statement is FAKE tp nk wat cne, as to get a colourful grade which is equal to get flying color for the result, i nit to work harder on those assignments.~haih

actually, im depending on my olidae as to earn extra money but it just went wrong after the plans that have been made is going on not exact destination,path or way. duitt,,duitt,, dtgla padaku!!aq butuh kn mu,,arghhh..anyone want to give me some money tp through positive way la,xnk la by doing all the negative thing..

haa,,teringat psl negative nih,ader stu mende nk je b'laku td while im surfing the internet to find part time job for student like me..then time google-ing,keluarla all the websites. i chose 1 web, just wanna c the part time job more details n u guys want to know wat the job is:


first job that i found is : being a sugar babe for one of the,wtfrog,,mmg xknla aq nk amik keje 2 en,im not a desperate person tat will do such kind thing. the work tat u need to do is being his partner activities..wawawawa~~xnk r..

second job : club ambassador which for this job u need to be sexy lady n able to entertain the customers and one more thing u must b able to drink *alcoholic of course* it means wat??GRO kah??the answer will definitely be NO, spell it right one more time N+O=NO!

other jobs that i find mcm xsesuai wif my time mcm contoh jd promoter tat will b paid by day,,mmg banyk tp kn the employer cm da sediakn criteria2 employee that they want example they need only chinese worker,yg bole pki skirt,ader transport sndri n bla..bla..bla but the salary quite expensive gak,ader yg die byr rm100++ keje dr 11am - 9pm,it just fine wif me tp nk wat cmane waktu xmengizinkn, lgpon the other reason will b my mom,she keeps getting worried when im trying to find for a job then die akn bg reason yg reasonable for me to think twice on making the decision,

1. ima rasa b'baloi ke keje tu?da la jaoh,kne byr tambang ktm lg,lrt lagi.naik bas,teksi..berbaloi ke?

2. mak :berapa gaji die nk bg sehari?

me : rm80 stat dr kul 11-7 (keje 2 hari) rm80 x 2 = rm160

mak : hah,rm160 je,,mak pon bole bg la.ima tolong mak buat keje kt umah nie pon da oke

me : heh,,

3. ima nk g keje tu nnt dgn sape?xkn nk pergi sorang je,berani ke?

c, all the reasons yg die bg mmg memberi impak untuk sy berfikir dan berfikir lg untuk membuat keputusan..xpela, lgpon the new semester will started soon.*ps : nak sedapkan hati

maknenyaa,,xpyhla cari keje lg sem kn i do search job which need us doing it online tp result die cm sikit sgt,b'blogging is one of the, if u guys have any job to prefer me,do contact ya!haha..

for students out there who rilly want to earn extra cash @ money, u may do some freelance job.for me the freelance job cm will make my timetable packed coz assignment lg + the job mmg xmampu nk handle rseny..i can't do the multitasking job yg 22 nya memerlukn full commiment of mine.gud luck on finding ur extra money guys!!

lol :))

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