Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the idea 2 write juz crossing away,,


after we've been to 'ipin's house',,we continue our journey to azim aunt house nearby..

its not tooo near lar,,quite far jugak la kot bg sy la..~huuu

his aunt house mcm banglo,,then ade taman to play around for all those kids tp kn dlm rumah tu semuany budak2 yg da besar,,how come??*kteorg bole agkny main kejar2 kt c2*..haha

aunt die msk makaroni cheese, nasi ayam, sosej, pisang goreng..~~urmm,,pe lg??..sgt,,sgtlah bnyk..kt umah ipin td da mkn pas2 smpi umah aunty azim 2 mkn lg,,

~burrppp,,kenyang!!*perut da buncit*

after having our zohor prayer+rest,,kteorg troskn lg perjalanan ke nilai,kuarters KLIA rseny untuk g ke umah yaya plak.

i think i can have my own tv programme for the next eidul fitr la,,the tittle will be what eh??
~idea please??anyone?

it takes around 45minutes to arrive at yaya house,,such a tiring day ouh..
at yaya's mkn lg,,kali nie mee goreng pulak,,
im full,,xnk mkn da~~

but..but,, i was forced to eat..
xpela,,mkn slowly because da full giler..

after da mkn,2nggu yaya pack all of her things untk balik beranang with us..

smpi beranang pukul 7,,its the best day ever!!
i'll upload all the pics l8er yaa,,

story end here...
lol =))

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