Tuesday, September 8, 2009

found it,,

sukany hati bila dpt jumpa semua brg yg hilang tu,,

pendrive purple-ish, assignment sheet for mid (multimedia internet development) and the last one is my important note aka reference for me to get done the tasks.

assignment sheet = jumpa kt dlm fail pah masa dlm klas td,,die dgn banggany mengambil
assignment n notes tu time klas mid mggu lpas,,pas2 die bole gelak time bg td..~haih..
sabar jela..

pendrive = found it at ko-op college,,tanya kt akk tu.

me : akak, ada jumpa pendrive warna purple x,,tertinggal kt cnie kot mggu lpas,,
*still using the 'kot' word sbb xpasti*
akak : *finding for somethin in the drawer* then tunjuk pendrive purple..nie??
me : *angguk-angguk*,,~wee,,at last!jumpa gak.
so, today it my lucky day..found wat i rilly need rite now!!*smbil tersenyum lebar*
=)) lol

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