Sunday, August 16, 2009

blowing the dust away,,

the title itself has shown how tragic it is..

im not goin to tell sad story here peoples,,haha..
juz wanna share something..

im one of the futsal player in my college,,i already have 2 game against other college and university too..

my 1st battle is with masterskill,, which i quite dissapointed with it..
we lost,,1st half=we lead the game but at the 2nd half=we were losing 2p0int at the back of em..

so,, the game ends with 3-5..


its a bit lucky for them to have enough reserved player,, as for us,, we don't rilly have it..certain of our team member was sick..its all because of the disease which is spreading rite now.

and for me, i was fasting on tat time..haha,,(p.s : mana la nk tau time tuh ada game kan,,suddenly je,,ada announcement,,suh player futsal turun.haha)

at the second thought,, it was a great game pe..kalah tipis je tu!! ;D

and for our second game,, it was the battle between our college and UPM..huhu

main gila-gila nih, tp yg syoknya..kalah lagi..x sedey pon sbb coach kteorg ckp UPM was the champion for entire university futsal tournament..agakny la kot..haha

nk tau bpe kteorg dpt..our score is 0,,na~daaa!!kosong..dorang score 4..player terrer2 maaa..hehe,,sj nk sdapkan ati..

their futsal court was too big,, its a lil bit tiring to run all over it..~haih..

and tats it,,for the next game,,i'll b much more ready for kickin..

=)) lol

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